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Dil Seçimi:


  • In utilising our full capacity to satisfy our client’s all production and service needs and expectations,
  • Increasing satisfaction of our customer and employees,
  • Accomplishing our goals in harmony with the establishments and the people we are involved with, in the most environmental manner possible,
  • Contributing to the global developments in iron and steel sector,
  • Developing in iron and steel sector and crane production sector by integrating the production, sales and engineering activities.


  • Valuing customer satisfaction above all,
  • Believing in importance development, growth and profitability,
  • Being open to developments and change,
  • Believing and caring for being the best in the scope,
  • Working honestly and complying with professional ethics,
  • Emphasizing that our most important capital is human resource,
  • Working hard towards creating funds and resource in order to continue growing.
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